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RNG Classics RNG Classics offer an enviable collection of timeless and iconic classic vehicles for SELF-DRIVE.

Containing British racing heritage, beguiling design and pedigree. Italian star quality, class and flair and a sprinkling of American muscle and power!

A highly unique and eclectic range of vehicles lovingly maintained to preserve originality, and presented as if we turned the clocks back to a different era of passionate motoring creation and production.

Available to self-drive in London, Surrey, Kent & Sussex. Typically for weddings, private dining, sightseeing, milestone birthdays. We also make the whole collection available for events, promo, music videos and TV location shoots across the UK.

Classic motoring is all about that tug of the heart strings, passion and overpowering feeling. We hope to realise a host of your different dreams and aspirations with a bespoke service focused on each individual request.

Whether it be the grace, elegance and pace of a 1969 Jaguar E-Type roadster. Or Magnum P.I’s favourite ride, the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi. Relive a little of the 70’s in our original and restored 1971 MGB GT or MKIV Triumph Spitfire. Or tear up some tarmac in a brute of an AC Cobra with a 4 litre V8 lump! Beyond our own collection we have a plethora of ace friends, and partners who’s cars are available to us. We love to share the love of a classic car!

Our 1969 Series 2 Jaguar E Type roadster has been verified for its creation by the Jaguar Heritage Trust. The car started life in New York and then had a little sun in California having been in the same family straight from the dealership. Over the years restoration has been undertaken without losing it's originality. The leather seats and interior belie its years and when you peer over those bonnet grills a little dream in the shape of an E Type is realised. Presented in Jaguar gun-metal grey with black leather.

  • Favourite whip of 80's icon Magnum P.I. the Ferrari 308 GTSi QV has presence, style and flair. Ours is the Quattrovalve model with the Targa top and imposing black grills. When those headlamps rise out out of the bonnet, and the engine fires up you know you're in one of the best Ferraris ever made. Every knob, lever and button works like new. Even the aircon! This 308 is a true 80's icon.

  • Probably the worlds best loved classic car. We offer an exceptional 1971 Chrome bumper MG B GT. Overdrive model. Midnight blue with Rostyle Wheels. Superb bodywork, Black leather interior in great condition including new door cards, new rubber mats, new speaker console. New bumpers, new head lamps and other brightwork. Endlessly reliable engine. Superbly working overdrive. Great little sports car for Goodwood, little runs to the coast or Sunday luch in the countryside.

  • Designed by the legendary Giovanni Michelotti to rival the Austin Sprite, we have a recently restored 1971 Mk IV Arctic White Triumph Spitfire with contrasting black leather interior and detachable factory hard top. She drives beautifully with smooth progressive power delivery from the 1500cc 4 cylinder engine.


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