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What got you interested in classic cars Jack?

In short, my Dad. He has loved classic cars for as long as I can remember. After buying himself a '61 Corvette C1 (also our logo), it went from there for me!

Tell us a little about Surrey where you are based?

We are based on the Kent / Surrey border which gives us a fantastic range of routes to drive. Whether it's heading down to the coast or up into London to see the sights, we pretty much seem to be within about an hour of it all.

Sounds lovely Jack what is your personal favourite route to drive?

I absolutely love the route down to Seven Sisters National Park in Eastbourne. It's a great drive (i'm talking about the slightly longer non-motorway route of course) and once you get down there the views & roads are amazing. Also quick shoutout to Ashdown Forest, another great drive about 45 mins away from us.

And when you are not busy with Classics what do you do to relax?

I watch a lot of sport. My family are Leeds United fans so it's not entirely relaxing to watch but it's always good for switching off from everything else. Playing golf with my mates is also a good way to chill (again, not very relaxing as I’m pretty rubbish). Probably couldn't get away with not mentioning my fiancé in this part either. Few drinks, dinner and Chris Stapleton on the speaker is a dream.

Who or what has inspired you?

My Dad is getting another mention here, he'll be buzzing. Essentially, him. From a previous business life, he grafted to help build a brand new company into a bit of a beast. So yeah, I’d say he inspires me most days (and winds me up) to drive our business forward whilst also sticking to our main principles. I'm also going to mention a friend of mine based out in Dubai. His relentless dedication to perfecting his own craft despite having more than a few obstacles thrown at him throughout his life makes me want to be the best version of me. Can't tell him this part though as it will go to his head / he'll send me angry voice notes for mentioning him.

What made you start Oxted Classic cars ?

Oh here he is again, it's my Dad! Between his love of classics and me looking for a new challenge, Oxted Classics was born. A completely new industry for us meant learning on the job (which we are still doing today) but it's been a great first couple of years for us, despite having a global pandemic in the mix. I feel like we are now pretty well prepared and ready for what's to come... bring it on!

What do you think will be a future classic?

Being completely honest, I’m not very good at this part. I'd love nothing more / find it hilarious if in 20 years Nissan Micras are going for £50k+. 

Thanks Jack – welcome to the Guild – I think we are all in for a busy season when Lockdown lifts – Ed

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