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Joining the HCHG

If you run an established Classic Car Hire business and are interested in joining the HCHG then please see our contact page to send us your details. A member of the committee will then contact you to discuss the HCHG and your business.

Should you provide a service which you believe will be of use to our Members please use the email button to send us details of your company and your service. A Member of the committee will then contact you.

HCHG Membership Criteria:

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria and should be able to demonstrate:

Track Record & Experience:

A convincing track record in the area of Classic Car Hire is expected. Applicants should have been actively trading in this specialised field and be able to demonstrate a substantial level of past hire activity.


A high-quality experience should be provided to the consumer. Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they are customer led in all their dealings. Good quality, well maintained cars and a high level of customer service is of paramount importance.


High levels of professionalism should be displayed in all areas of business activity and throughout the HCHG application process.

Claims Record:

A good insurance claims record and a thorough approach to risk management is essential.

Hire Stock:

Only Classic Cars should (generally) be offered for hire, as opposed to modern performance vehicles which are not acceptable to HCHG. Where younger vehicles may be offered an assessment of their risk-profile will be required prior to membership acceptance.


A wilingness to work actively towards the overall goals of HCHG and to work cohesively to the benefit of the membership and, in turn, the development of the marketplace as a whole. Enlightened self interest is a founding principle of the HCHG.


A high level of integrity with regard to customer relations, business practice and within the detailed terms and conditions of hiring is essential.

Plausibility & Security:

The applicant should run a plausible commercial enterprise and not unduly place the consumer - nor the good name of HCHG - at risk through financial insecurity. Some assessment of forward business planning will be required.

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