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Webbs of Weybridge

How many classic cars do you have? 

Currently 19 available for hire

Any personal favourites?

Mark loves the Porsche 911T – it is gorgeous to look at and a real drivers car
Richard prefers the Aston Martin V8 also a fabulous drive

Any memorable hiring experiences?

In 2023 we ran a 25 classic car tour – ordinarily this would not have been a problem but that day it simply poured with rain, quite literally all day! It was a great learning experience having to manage 25 cars at once and lessons have been learned – we won’t take these cars out in such awful weather conditions, with such a large group again. But it was still a fun day despite wet cars, wet clients and wet staff! 


Who helps you with the business?

Becs has been with us for a couple of seasons and continues to be an asset assisting with cars and clients


How do you decide who does what?

Everyone does a bit of everything which makes every day a little different

If you weren’t hiring cars what would be your dream job?

Mark would be a ski instructor whilst Richard is already thoroughly enjoying his dream job!


Do you have any hobbies?

Mark is a part-time DJ, having learned his craft in France at a ski resort in a former life whilst Richard enjoys attending car events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed & Revival and is also known to enjoy playing football.


How do you relax on your day off?

Mark spends time walking the family dog with his young family

What’s next for 2024 and beyond?

2024 sees Webbs forming an exclusive partnership with Brooklands Museum which will enable clients to drive their cars on the test hill and track.  This really will be a series of very special events with the first experience taking place at the end of April and more dates will be offered throughout Summer including 28th June and 9th September. Each event is expected to sell out as it’s such a unique experience.


Tea or Coffee?

Both Mark and Richard are Coffee lovers!

What’s your least favourite thing about the job?

Breakdowns – these can and do happen with old cars – it’s not often but frustrating for both client and us!


What are the best ways to contact you?




Richard or Mark

+44 (0)208 133 8943

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