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Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays

·        Tell me a little about the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight is a superb little place with beautiful scenery and plenty to do, even if the sun isn’t shining.  Approximately 26 miles wide, East to West and 13 miles, North to South, you are never too far away from the next activity or campsite.  Ferry travel prices purchased directly through the ferry companies are expensive but we can offer a trade rate, which is much better value.


·        Who is in team IOW Campervan Holidays?

My wife, Jubee, and I have owned and operated IOW Campers since July 2014.  We worked for 14 years on yachts all around the world, before we felt it was time to head home to the UK.  With both sets of parents living on the IOW, it was inevitable that the Island would become our home.  We have summer help from some great hard working friends, otherwise it is us who clean, maintain and send our vans out on their hires.  Keeping it this way is a lot of work for both of us, but that is how we have always maintained our high standards.


·        How do you split the daily work?

I, Will, deal with all the bookings.  I don’t see the point in having two people who know half of a story.  Much better that 1 person deals with it all.  We then share the interior cleaning and van orientations.  Jubee probably cleans a bit more inside the vans as I do the maintenance and outside cleaning and polishing.


·        What pets do you have?

We have one fur baby, Koa, a beautiful black lab who is always at work with us come rain or shine.


·        Are any of your vans dog friendly?

We allow dogs in all of our vans, but some of the campers are more dog friendly than others.


·        What are your thoughts on Electric Vans?

On the Isle of Wight, they would be a great idea.  Short distances, a gentle recharge at the campsite overnight and if you can’t plug in that wouldn’t matter as the average 3 or 4 day hire only covers 100 - 150 miles.


·        What do you do in the “closed” season?

It feels like we work on the vans all winter.  Although that isn’t quite true, April seems to come flying around again and off we go again.


·        Who is your hero and why?

I don’t think I’ve ever really known an answer to that question.  Without our parents help, both physically and financially, IOW Campers wouldn’t have survived so we’ll attribute that accolade to all of them.


·        What advice would you give your much younger self?

Whenever you think you’re about to hurt yourself with a screwdriver, just stop.  You are always 100% right, so just find a different way of doing what you’re doing.


·        What are the best ways to contact you?

You can email us on or call on 01983 642143.  We stop hiring our vans in late June 2024 so this is your last opportunity to hire a camper on the Isle of Wight from us.

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