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Hi Will & Jubee let’s start by asking which is your favourite campervan and why?


Such a difficult question to answer.  That is like asking a parent which is their favourite child.  We’ll say Dougal though.  He is our 1973 Australian built VW bay window and when we bought him in 2015 he needed a lot of work so he has a lot of our time and love in him (aka. blood, sweat and tears).  He was a tin top van but in 2019 we added a Westfalia style roof so now he has an upper bed for the children and a full width bed for the adults.


Tell us a little about the Isle of Wight where you are based


We are so lucky to live on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Surrounded by water with many areas of outstanding natural beauty, the Island has so much to offer everyone.  Sun, sea and sand what is there not to love.


Where is your favourite place on the island?


Fortunately, Camper HQ is now based in one of our favourite places, St Helens Duver, which is a National Trust site.  Both of our grandparents lived up in St Helens village, so we have very fond memories of coming to The Duver as children to picnic on the beach, swim, sail and enjoy the fresh sea air. 


What do you do to relax?


Walk our beautiful black Labrador, Koa.  The Island has so many different walks, but a low tide walk on Yaverland beach on a beautiful day is probably our favourite.


What was the last Caravan movie you watched?  Did you enjoy it?


Not entirely child appropriate but for laugh out loud moments, you can’t go wrong with the motor home journey in “We’re the Millers”.


What has inspired you?


I (Will) owned my first classic VW Camper out in South Africa in 2007.  My uncle lived in Cape Town and after university a few of us went out for 6 months of travelling.  Our VW looked after us brilliantly and we loved every moment of our time.  Suffice to say, we now both love this country and clearly my time in a classic camper had a lasting effect.


What bit of advice would you give to anyone interested in buying a classic camper van?


That’s an easy question to answer.  Hire one from us first so that you can establish whether the fit is right for you.  From there, find your local VW specialist and when you find a van you like, pay them to check it out for you.  If they say No, listen to them.  It will potentially save you a lot of money.


What do you think the future of camper van hire will be like in 10 years time?


Classic camper hire will always be around.  Everyone loves seeing a 60’s or 70’s camper and that love isn’t going anywhere.  The only change may be the loss of the air-cooled engine as more vans are converted to electric.  Modern vans are better as a campervan but there will always be people who want to experience life in a classic van.



What’s the BEST thing about running your biz?

Meeting our lovely clients who come back in from their adventures with a big smile, come rain or shine.

Thanks Will & Jubee – wishing you both a successful season – once lockdown is lifted I think people will love to get out and about again – the Island certainly sounds like a great place to holiday in 2021 - Ed



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