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Where does your interest in classic cars stem from Alex ?

I’ve always been interested in classic cars.  The first cars I worked on were VW beetles. I have six brothers and sisters at one stage all of us owned a beetle 7 in all parked at the house.

Wow that must have been a sight! Ed

Which is your personal favourite car and why?

It has varied over the years. There’s not one in particular I can pick out but I do like German engineering. Probably the most favourite car I’ve owned was a 1971 Porsche 911 (pictured) which I bought when I lived in Hong Kong.


What bit of advice would you give to anyone interested in buying a classic car?

Try before you buy. Many people who have hired with me have gone on to buy an MGB Roadster on my advice, easy to maintain, great fun, reasonable price.

What made you start Caledonian Classic Car Hire?

I decided to leave Hong Kong after 12 years and head back to Scotland. I wanted to use my knowledge and love of classic cars to start a business and thus Caledonian Classic Car Hire was born

If you could change anything about your biz what would it be?

Not having to work every weekend in the summer!

Do you have your own personal classic not on your fleet?  What’s the story behind it?

NSU Prinz German engineering again. I bought it to rally in but haven’t had time. My brother in law uses it as his car at the moment.

I bet you can’t wait to get it back? Ed


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