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Meeting Northumbria Classic Car Hire

How long have you been hiring classic cars?
Northumbria Classic Car Hire was established in 2015

What was your most memorable hire?
My very first chauffeured hire I had two punctures. I noticed them whilst waiting outside the ceremony and obviously didn’t have 2 spare wheels so had to drive 20 mile round trip to get both repaired!  Remarkably I was back in time for end of ceremony and no one was any the wiser! 

I was using a 1973 BMW 2002 Baur Targa on a Saturday. I was early for collecting the bride so had parked in a lay-by to kill some time, I believe a builder must have swept his van out as both off side wheels had screws in them.  A wedding to remember other than my own!

What was your very first Classic Car?

A Morris Minor saloon. I used the starter handle regularly as the battery wouldn’t start it in cold weather

What are your thoughts on the future of traditional classic cars?

People will always love cars and like music associate them with differing periods of their life. I don’t think that will change. As less classic cars are seen on roads in future the nostalgia for their dream car of their youth will be greater.

What is your favourite car related film?
Goldfinger. I had the corgi DB5!

Which Football team do you support?

Newcastle United which I’ve been fortunate enough to follow into Europe this season!


What do friends and family think of your business?
My friends thought I was mad to trust strangers driving my cars!

Which marque is your personal favourite and why?
Jaguar. Pace grace and space – the advert says it all really

What is the best way to contact you?

Email to

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