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Quality Charter

The HCHG requires all members to sign up to the following Quality Charter to ensure that they provide a consistently professional level of service to their customers.

The Historic & Classic-car Hirer's Guild (HCHG) is a new association which represents the leading classic car rental operating companies, who are united in their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality of service within their industry. HCHG members are to be found in many desirable and convenient regions and our aim is to provide an effective network of hire locations within Great Britain.

All members are committed to providing high standards of service, and all are dedicated to providing quality vehicles backed up by a high level of personal service.

This is how we aim to achieve it:

Accurate information

All members ensure that their brochures, websites and sales staff clearly and accurately describe the vehicles and services offered. HCHG members will refer enquiries to other members if appropriate

Product Improvements

All members listen to their customers and welcome suggestions for improving standards. All customers receive a post-hire questionnaire.

Professional Service

All members are committed to high standards of personal service, maintained by the thorough training of employees.

Financial security

HCHG member companies are required to provide satisfactory financial references.


HCHG enforces criteria for membership before new businesses may join, including their undertaking to adhere to a Code of Business Practice governing their future operational conduct.

Vehicle standards

All members are committed to rigorous standards of inspection and ongoing maintenance to ensure as far as possible that vehicles are provided in first class condition. There are different criteria for the presentation of older vehicles than modern ones but, having regard to their age, HCHG members will provide vehicles to the highest standards that are reasonably attainable.

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